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About Us

Red Lion Constructions is a Sydney based boutique building company that specialises in residential and commercial projects. We pride ourselves on achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and we offer a personalised service with flexible options working collaboratively with architects and designers to meet our clients’ unique requirements. Our company has a proven track record of delivering high quality work through accurate reflection of architectural drawings and attention to detail. Red Lion Constructions has ongoing one to one contact with our clients from the planning stage through to the completion of the project; this ensures the clients’ requirements are satisfactorily met. We acknowledge the importance of the builder client relationship and always deliver on our promises. Most of our work is repeat business and referrals as we place a great deal of importance on budget optimisation and quality.


Not only does the Red Lion appear on the Russo ancient family crest it is a symbol of Strength, Courage and Excellence. In 2009 the procurement of a project in Red Lion Street Rozelle set a benchmark for design, ingenuity and project delivery for the company. The sale of the property set a record not only in the street but in the entire suburb for the highest selling price for a semi-detached terrace for that time. Hence Red Lion Constructions was born.

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